uses of computer

uses of computer

Uses Of Computer And Introduction


Computer as a revolution left no area of life untouched in the present world. It is of tremendous help in all fields of life. Hence, the knowledge of computers is a necessity for the existence of everybody in this global village.

The invention of the computer has transformed our simple manual works to sophisticated life of automated works to meet the global demand for higher productivity and increased efficiency with high precision.

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The computer is increasingly becoming compulsory in nearly all fields of studies, not because of anything but its accuracy and versatility in processing data. Many tasks at home or office are being automated rapidly with the computer.

Thus it is becoming apparent that in whatever discipline or working sector, the computer is now a very vital tool for efficiency improvement and precision of job or task execution.

This is designed to meet the prerequisite need of everybody that is interested and wishes to know about computers science and computing in general.

A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory. These instructions tell the machine what to do.

The computer is capable of accepting data (input). Processing data arithmetically and logically. Producing output from the processing, and storing the results for future use. Most computers that sit on a desktop are called Personal Computers (PCs).

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The “computer” is an ensemble of different machines that you will be using to get your job done. A computer is primarily made of the Central Processing Unit (usually referred to as the computer).

The monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse. Other pieces of hardware are commonly referred to as peripherals. In everyday life activities, we process data or encounter cases of data processing.

A typical example of data processing is the generation of the statement of student results from the marks score in an examination and continuous assessment. It is essential to know that information is as good as the data from which it is derived, and the transformation process which they are subjected to.

Meaningless data or inappropriate processing produces the wrong information. Thus the computer gives you results corresponding to what data you supply and how you process it (i.e. ëgabbage- in, garbage-outí).

Summarily, the intelligent performance of a computer depends on the correctness of input data and the intelligence performance of the human being that drives it.


People use computers in many ways;


computers are used to track inventories with bar codes and scanners, check the credit status of customers, and transfer funds electronically.


Tiny computers embedded in the electronic circuitry of most appliances control the indoor temperature, operate home security systems, tell the time, and turn video cassette recorders (VCRs) on and off.

Automobiles regulate the flow of Computer Training Expert Solution Consults Fundamentals of Computer Studies 2/59, Nov – 2010. They also entertain, creating digitized sound on stereo systems or computer-animated features from a digitally encoded laserdisc.

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Computer programs, or applications, exist to aid every level of education, from programs that teach simple addition or sentence construction to programs that teach advanced calculus.


Educators use computers to track grades and communicate with students; with computer-controlled projection units, they can add graphics, sound, and animation to their communications.

Scientific Research

Computers are used extensively in scientific research to solve mathematical problems, investigate complicated data, or model systems that are too costly or impractical to build, such as testing the airflow around the next generation of aircraft.

The military employs computers in sophisticated communications to encode and unscramble messages and to keep track of personnel and supplies.

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