Sketchup System Requirements Recommendations

 is a fantastic little 3D modeling and drawing program that was first developed by @Last Software, sold to Google and is now owned by Trimble Navigation.

Sketchup is relatively easy to use and has been put to use in architecture, engineering, film and video game projects. There is both a free and professional version of the software available and a large and vibrant community that contributes to an open-source library of Sketchup format models online.


Sketchup is requirements are actually quite modest and a low-end Xeon or high-end i7 CPU with eight to sixteen gigabytes of RAM will generally be just fine. However, Sketchup is a stickler for strict and comprehensive OpenGL compliance, so we strongly recommend that you purchase a workstation with a professional GPU that has been certified in this way. Integrated Intel graphics should be avoided for this very reason, as there have been reports of incompatibilities between Sketchup and some Intel GPUs.

Operating systems supported by SketchUp

Windows 10 64-Bit (Pro)
Windows 8.1 64-bit (pro)
Windows 7 64-bit (Professional and Ultimate)

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