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How to overclock a computer AMD intel processor and RAM


Hi dear per users and supporters. As guaranteed, I composed an article about overclocking my home PC, specifically the AMD Ryzen processor and RAM. In the past article, I revealed to you what sort of PC I purchased for home use , and now I’ll disclose to you how I scattered it, since AMD processors (Ryzen) permit it. overclock computer

Overclocking the processor and RAM enables you to build the execution of your PC in applications and recreations, particularly if the applications are “substantial”, these are programs for working with video and illustrations, and additionally when working with vast exhibits (databases). In any case, what would we be able to state, notwithstanding when working in the program, particularly when you have a few dozen tabs open, you feel an execution support in the wake of overclocking.

I comprehend that not every person will be keen on this article, but rather I figure it won’t hurt you to have a general thought of ​​overclocking processors and memory. overclock computer

Furthermore, this article is particularly valuable for the individuals who have the equivalent motherboard and RAM as mine. So we should go …

When all is said in done, there is no widespread method to overclock the processor. Everything relies upon what your motherboard is and on which chipset it is, processor show, Bios rendition, and so on. Indeed, even two indistinguishable processor models can create somewhat unique outcomes on the equivalent motherboard 🙂.

In this manner, the procedure of overclocking the processor itself is decreased to changing the qualities ​​of the processor and RAM in Bios (recurrence, voltage, and so forth.) and consequent testing with uncommon projects for framework soundness. overclock computer

This procedure can take a great deal of time (about seven days), however on the off chance that you discover an individual who effectively overclocked your processor and memory, and which has a similar model of motherboard and RAM, at that point see yourself as fortunate 🙂and your opportunity to overclock and test will be diminished now and again.

Such an individual can be found on the discussions of the pertinent point and request that he give esteems ​​on the processor, timings for your RAM and different qualities ​​for Bios.

All things considered, on the off chance that you have not discovered such an individual, it doesn’t make a difference, you can attempt to scatter yourself by first perusing the hypothesis, and in addition by perusing exceptional discussions for overclocking the iron.


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How to overclock the processor through Bios? Subsequent to perusing a touch of hypothesis about overclocking the processor, viewing a few recordings on Youtube and drinking a couple of jars of lager, I set to work.

Give me a chance to help you the setup to remember my PC:

  • ASRock AB350 Pro4 motherboard
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor (4 centers, 8 strings)
  • Cooler for processor Deepcool Gammaxx
  • Samsung RAM [M378A1G43EB1-CRC] DDR4 8 GB
  • 128 GB SSD Transcend 370s [TS128GSSD370S]
  • Hard Drive 2 TB Seagate BarraCuda
  • CaseCom CP-686 Case (Black )
  • Square power Zalman TX 500W [ZM500-TX]
  • Windows 10 x64 working framework

As a matter of first importance, I refreshed the Bios firmware of the motherboard to the most recent form (4.60). You can download it on the official site of the motherboard producer. There you will locate a manual how to streak Bios. overclock computer

At that point I expanded the processor recurrence in Bios to 3800 MHz rather than the standard 3200 MHz for my processor show (AMD Ryzen 5 1400) (the photos are interactive)

CPU overclocking amd

Why up to 3800 MHz you inquire? Since these processor models can be consistently overclocked to such a recurrence. You can overclock the processor and up to 3900-4100 MHz, yet when in doubt, by and large, this processor recurrence is accomplished by raising the voltage on it and makes the processor overheat over the standard, which can influence the life of the processor in such outrageous conditions generally speaking strength of the framework all in all.

Hence, I raised the processor recurrence to 3800 MHz, raised the voltage on the processor to 1.275 V, stacked the framework (Windows 10 64 bit) and started testing with the utility for testing the strength of the framework – ” Linx” . In this utility, I determined the qualities: half of my RAM, 5 passes every, last testing: 10 passes. overclock computer

Note: in the Linx utility , for the test, we show half of the introduced memory and number of runs: 10. On the off chance that the gigaflops (Gflops) are the equivalent (+ – 1) in the segment, everything is great if the qualities ​​in the lingering segment ( Residual and Residual ( standard .) the equivalent – everything is great. This test enables you to decide the rightness of DRAM + CPU overclocking . The screen goes out – low voltage, we get the BSOD – awful DRAM speeding up . The outcomes – a little absence of voltage on the CPU or somewhat memory timings bends.

In Bios, I bit by bit raised the voltage on the processor by 1-2 stages and tried it again with the Linx utility …

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I will say immediately that the recurrence of 3800 MHz was never given to me, since then Windows would hang or go to BSOD, at that point the Linx program demonstrated poor outcomes …

By raising the voltage on the processor to 1.375 V, I accomplished the best qualities ​​of the “Linx” results contrasted with what they were previously, however not the qualities ​​that ought to have been

Also, the processor temperature when testing “Linx” achieved 74.1 degrees Celsius at a voltage of 1.375 V on the processor.

Subsequently, I have so far ceased at a processor recurrence of 3700 MHz and a voltage of 1.275 V.

CPU overclocking amd

The consequences of “” Linx “ended up being incredible, and the processor temperature did not surpass 64 degrees C

PC execution test

Smash overclocking

In the wake of overclocking the processor, I started to overclock the RAM. Since regardless I have one bar for RAM, it normally works in single-channel mode and subsequently its speed is not exactly in double channel mode. overclock computer

They likewise state that the memory for overclocking ought to be introduced in the second and fourth space on the motherboard, which I did (introduced in the second opening).

Here are the attributes of my memory (information from the program ” Thaiphoon Burner “):

memory overclocking

Samsung Memory [ M378 A1 G43 EB1-CRC] 8 GB, E-bite the dust, two-position, without XMP support, recurrence and timings as a matter of course: 2400 MHz, 18-17-17-39.

Typical spending memory, which I couldn’t overclock to the most extreme, yet a request of size quicker.

Timings or Latency (counting English CAS Latency, CL; jolting. Timing) – the time postponement of the flag when the dynamic RAM works with page association, specifically SDRAM. These time delays are likewise called timings and, for short, are recorded as three numbers, all together: CAS Latency, RAS to CAS Delay and RAS Precharge Time. The transfer speed of the “processor-memory” segment and the postponement in perusing information from the memory and, therefore, the speed of the framework to a great extent rely upon them. Wikipedia connect u .

Testing additionally directed an utility ” Linx” . After effectively passing it, it was tried with the projects Test Mem5 , Run Mem Test Pro , CINEBENCH , OCCT .

In any case, I set the memory voltage to 1.35 V and bit by bit raised the recurrence of the memory and tried it with the Linx program. The rest of the qualities ​​of the memory (essential and auxiliary timings, and so forth.) left in the esteem ” Auto”

After each expansion in memory recurrence, I again tried the Linx utility.

Memory frequencies 2666 MHz and 2800 MHz tests «Linx» passed effectively.

Yet, at 2930 MHz, Windows went into mistake and rebooted …

From that point forward, I visited on the gathering and the client under the moniker Prof recommended that I drive my demonstrated memory timings at which his memory worked at 3200 MHz. In spite of the fact that his memory was an alternate model, yet the motherboard was nearly the equivalent, I entered its qualities ​​in Bios

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memory overclocking

My memory began up, however at the memory recurrence of 3200 MHz and with a voltage of 1.35 V, the Linx utility fizzled my test.

I raised the memory voltage to 1.5 V – the “Linx” test passed, however the test program Test Mem5 did not pass.

After various examinations, I prevailing with regards to breezing through the test with the ” Test Mem5″ and ” Run Mem Test Pro” programs with the accompanying markers: memory recurrence 3133 MHz, voltage on memory 1,425 V and timings 16-18-16-36 . In spite of the fact that the memory voltage is high, it is protected

the most effective method to overclock the processor through profiles

Test « The Linx »

Amid the “Linx” test, the most extreme processor temperature did not surpass 69 degrees Celsius, which is ok for the processor.

Test memory ” Test Mem5 ”

Memory Test ” Run Mem Test Pro ”

At that point I swung to testing with a program to test the solidness of the PC – ” OCCT “, yet when it was tried, Windows hung.

At that point I included the voltage the processor from 1.275 to 1.3 V, I expanded the CPU cooler speed in Bios, however with the ” OCCT ” test I gave a basic mistake …

At that point I have additionally expanded the speed of the CPU cooler to these qualities:

  • 50 ° – 65% of turns
  • 60 ° – 80% of turns
  • 70 ° – 85% of turns
  • 75 ° – 90% of turns
  • 80 ° – basic temperature

At what I heard, I didn’t feel an expansion in the clamor from the fan, perhaps this model of the cooler made me calm, or simply its commotion hindered the clamor from another two coolers introduced in my framework unit. In spite of the fact that the general commotion from the framework unit is very tranquil (at any rate a lot calmer contrasted with my old framework unit 🙂).

Thus, after every one of these controls, my PC test “OCCT” passed!

Incidentally! On my blog you can get remote PC help! Free conference.

framework execution test

From that point onward, I even felt some fulfillment after the work done 🙂.

After reality, I endeavored to lower

How to overclock a computer AMD intel processor and RAM
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How to overclock a computer AMD intel processor and RAM
As guaranteed, I composed an article about overclocking my home PC, specifically the AMD Ryzen How to overclock a computer: overclocking an AMD processor overclock computer
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