Meaning of Compute

Compute, in modern computing, refers to activities, applications or workloads that require more processing resources than its memory or I/O resource requirements. Generally speaking, compute is used to describe concepts and objects geared towards computation and processing. For example, CPUs, APUs and GPUs are considered compute resources while graphics processing applications like 3-D rendering and video games are described as compute-intensive applications.

Compute is frequently encountered in modern computing concepts like cloud computing and big data, used to refer to resources being used or served up in the server and data center spaces. In utility computing as in cloud computing and big data, resources that are used to process data are called compute resources that are provided by CPUs working together in clusters. Compute resources are essentially time slice tickets given to those clients that need it so that they can have access to the allocated CPUs in the system.

The partners of compute resource are memory resource, storage resource, network resource and I/O resource. All computing activities need a combination of the above with compute being one of the most important and omnipresent in any activity.

compute• His ideas just don’t compute.• In all four years of the course, students take units of study in languagescomputing and business studies.• At the same time, a combination of high costs and cutthroat pricing is driving out manufacturers of computing and communicationshardware.• Explanations of how the numbers have been computed are given in the notes following the table.• Many of the young men are studying for business or computingdegrees.• The fieldvalue is computed from a globalmodel.• They continuously transmitcodedsignals and time data that receivers use to computelatitude and longitude.• It may be that such technology is ripening just as the computing power needed to run it is becoming available.• The machine can compute the time it takes a sound wave to bounce back.

verb (used with object), com·put·ed, com·put·ing.

to determine by calculation; reckon; calculate:to compute the period of Jupiter’s determine by using a computer or calculator.

verb (used without object), com·put·ed, com·put·ing.

to reckon; use a computer or calculator.Informal. to make sense; add up:His reasons for doing that just don’t compute.

Definition of compute

transitive verbto determine especially by mathematical meansCompute the area of the triangle.alsoto determine or calculate by means of a computercomputing pi to over one billion places

intransitive verb1to make calculation RECKONThey compute by weight in selling grain.2to use a computer3informalto make senseNo matter how you do the math, it will not work … . It simply does not compute.— Chuck Finder

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