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How Negative SEO Shaped Disavow Tool


A lot of talk is on about the Google disavow tool. Some people think it has been created by Google to fight negative SEO. An understanding of the disavow tool would give you idea of the right practices in SEO and things that must be avoided.

How the tool came into existence?

After the Penguin update, a lot of SEO experts got concerned about how Google is going to treat their created links. Not all links were made ethically. Some links were created with a lot of black hat practice. The quality of all links were not the same, and many link were of low quality and tended to lower the profile of the associated site. Google could impose a penalty for those bad links or spammy looking poor quality links after the Penguin update. That is why, this disavow tool had to be shaped by Google, only to help many SEO experts manually clear off the links or disavow the links and get spared from the penalty. The whole process is kind of a safety shield for the website to not get penalized because of the previous mistakes done in link building.

What is the tool supposed to do?

The job of the disavow tool is to mark a link to the site as a negative SEO link. Any spammy link or bad link of poor quality or controversial nature, which would make Google rise brows on the link type and quality is considered a link of negative quality for the website. This is bad for the SEO of the site, and overall bad for the healthy marketing of that site. Therefore the term ‘negative SEO’ emerged. Negative SEO is not the word created by Google, but a word derived by SEO experts to indicate poor quality of link building without following the ethical and organic ways of SEO. And any such link that is supposed to harm the website can be made to be disregarded or ignored by Google, if you once declare the link unwanted, bad, irrelevant, poor etc. through the use of the disavow tool.

How the disavow tool works

To use the tool you will have to go to the disavow tool link page. This tool page contains options to select your website. You can select your website for the list of indexed websites on Google. Then you will have to upload a file against your site to include this file containing links and information in the database of the disavow tool. The database is created in Google this way. Henceforth, when google would be considering backlinks for your site in any kind of ranking, searches etc., it would refer to this database of negative SEO links that you have provided via this disavow upload.


This is a very good system for SEO experts and workers to manage old flaws. Instead of going to every single problem link to delete or modify it, which you may or may not have control on, you may just disavow the link, by simply uploading it on this tool page. And this ensures your site would stay out of any impact due to those links.

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How Negative SEO Shaped Disavow Tool
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How Negative SEO Shaped Disavow Tool
A lot of talk is on about the Google disavow tool. Some people think it has been created by Google to fight how negative SEO shaped
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