It’s time to Style Your Girl Hair

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Whenever there is talk of beauty of any girl, there is definitely a mention of her slaves. And when you go to a salon or a parlor to get them styled or cut, then it is not enough to know just how long or short hair you want. Before taking any hair cut or styling, you must also take care of your face shape. By doing this your hairstyle will definitely look good on you. The reason for this is that you will never want that if your four head is too wide, then it will look too wide or your round face will become more round. Highlighting your best features is the secret to looking beautiful !! Bharti Taneja, the founding director of renowned cosmetologists, estheticians and Alps cosmetic clinics, is telling you which hairstyle will look good on your face and how you can make your own hairstyle on your own. So first of all you should know how your face shape is and what hairstyles will look good on it.

Hairstyles For Different Face Shape

Hairstyle for Oval Face Shape

Traditional suits- 9 9088527

This is an ideal face that we call perfect face. Any hairstyle on such face can be done as per your choice. Your face is meant to be experimented. So if you are thinking of getting an AG crop hair cut, then feel free to try. You can carry any style like layers, bangs, blunts in long or short cuts. Apart from this, Pony can also adopt curls for hair styling. By making French knots, messy buns, Dutch bread and side pony, while you can beautifully highlight the features of your face on one side, on the other hand, you can also appear in a new avatar every day.

Hairstyle for Round Face Shape

Easy Hair style for Oval round Shape

The length and width of such a face is the same and the area on the sides of the ears and cheeks is quite broad, so in order to make the face look long and thin, you need a low volume hair cut. In soft layers, the hair on the face is severed from the cut shoulder. Apart from this, blow drawers can also be used in inward curls. You can also lengthen your face by making a high puff on the front or you can reduce the cheekiness of your face by keeping flicks on both sides of your cheeks. If possible, do not cut very short hair cuts on the round shape face – strut box fringe and blunt cut do not check more on round shape face. Yes lobe will fall on you And if you want a very short hair cut, then a pixie cut will look good on your face with lots of chopsy and spiky layers. Do not tie your hair in a tight and sleek ponytail, but leave some hair loose on the front so that it can frame your face.

Elongated Face Shape

Easy Hair style for Oval Face Shape

This face looks like an oval face but is longer than the oval. On such a face, a hairstyle is needed which increases the width of the face and reduces the length. The French top without a low-sided bun or parting suits such a face. Apart from this, razor or feather cut is also very easy on this face

Hairstyle for Square Face Shape

Easy Hair style for Square face Shape

The forehead and joe line are usually the same. In this case, the waves given below the ears lighten the width of the jaw line. Apart from this, curls, messy buns, short spiky cuts are perfect selections for this face. By adopting a long flick or bob cut around the chin, you can also pull the attentions going on your jo line. Very short hair styles will make your facial features look a lot harsher and highlight the square face shape even more.

Hairstyle for Heart Face Shape

Easy Hair Style for heart face shape

The top knot on the crown looks beautiful on such a face. Center flicks and center parting also look at such faces. High curls or flicks on both sides of the cheeks (which do not cover the chin), look on such a face and the face is seen as oval. The center parting ie the middle demand takes care of the wide four head while the long hair without face framing layers highlights the thin chin so stay away from them.

Hairstyle for Diamond Face Shape

Easy Hair style for Diamond face Shape

On such a face, there is a need to add volume … in such a way, hair can be cut in layers. This makes the hair appear thicker and the cheekbones are less visible. In addition, multiple layer cuts and disconnection cuts are also good options for such a face. Multiple layer cuts show softness on the face and disconnection cuts keep the length of the hair maintained, according to the face shape, small flicks are also available and a new style is seen on the face. Shoulder length styles with face framing layers look great on this face. Fringe and girly braids are great styles to soften strong features.

Hair Cutting Styles

It is a matter of making their own choice as well as suit themselves that while some girls always keep their hair long, some girls prefer short hair on themselves. Whether you have long hair or short, it is your choice, but you must keep in mind that whatever hairstyle you have, it should be in harmony with your face shape, not with the choice of hairstylist or hair cutter. Do not ever go to Salon and get the hair cut done by whatever style you liked in the haircutting booklet. In such a situation, sometimes you may have to give to take.

Hair Styles For School & College Girls

When you are in school or college, you need to make hairstyles that can be made in the shortest time and yet you look stylish. Such hair styles consist of braided, bun or loose hair hair styles.

Hair Styles For Working Girls

Office This is a place where you spend more than half of your day. To make you look presentable in the office, it is important that your look is the most perfect. Whether it is dress or hairstyle. So why not try some different hairstyle that will give you a different look in the office as well as make you feel good

Hair Styles For Party

Party style hair styles should be trendy and more stylish. Nowadays most of the girls get their hair styling done in the parlor to go to the party. But if you want to do your own hairstyle for the party, then you can easily style your hair

Front Puff Style / Front Look Designing

Front puff designer look is very much these days. You can adopt a front designer look such as side Victorian curls, curl twisting in the front is very fashionable. The girls are also very fond of creating a cascading wave on the front. With this, giving a height on the crown area, small and heavy face can be given a thin look. By designing on the front look, you can heighten it by making puffs on the crown area.

Wedding Hair Styles & Breads

Gajra gives every bride a beautiful and beautiful look. Gajra is the best option to look like an Indian bride at a wedding. How to make hairstyle with gajra or with accessories like gajra for wedding occasion. If you have short hair, then you can apply extension to short hair and style it forward like a braid. Being in the bread trend at the moment, there are many braided hairstyles for long hair that you can make. Along with this, the side bun is also fashionable in which it can be created like a side bun by creating curls or you can create curls in a tiara look.

Easy Hair Styles 30

Braid Hairstyle

Designer braid ie braided hairstyles are also in fashion nowadays, such as messy braid, fish tail, curl crown braids. Now the trend is to move from traditional braids to short hair by applying extension and design it forward like a braid. At this time, due to being in the braid trend, many braided hairstyles can be easily made for long hair. Along with this, the fashion of side buns is also going on, in which curls can be created and made like side buns, or curls can be styled in a tiara look.

Ways to make ponytail

Ponytail is a common hairstyle, but you can also get an attractive look by creating a twist in it. For example, braided ponytail, curly side ponytail, fringe low ponytail, double ponytail, high ponytail can try. While making breaded ponytail, you make simple ponytail and then make bread. While curly side ponytail is also very easy to make, for this you have to make it in ponytail side.

Easy Hair Style 12

Ways to make bun

Juda is a very special hairstyle commonly made by women in our Indian civilization, which is now being made in many beautiful styles. In this article, we are telling you many ways to make junk, but if you want to make this by watching this video, then we are giving you three special ways to make juda in it-

Open hair styles

Yes, you can style open hair in many ways which we are telling you in this article. There are many hairstyles that you can easily make by pinning or without pinning your hair. Such hair styles are also made very quickly.

Twist Back Hair Style

Twisted back hairstyles can also be perfect for you. For this, you first divide your hair into two parts. Make a twist in the front section of the hair and take it behind the face and then fix it with a tick-tack clip. Repeat the same process for the second section of hair which will give your hair a very elegant look.

Easy Hair Style 6

Wet Wavy Hair Style

Apply gel on the hairs of the front and set them so that the hair does not stick out from the front. After this, apply gels and water to all the hairs on the length and put a cap roller in them and leave the hair for a while. Open these rollers after about 1-2 hours. Bal Wavy and Curley will be seen. Also, due to giving a wet look, these will shine and curls will also stay for a long time.

Easy Hair Style 8

Half Open Braided Bangs

Half-open hair with braided bangs will give your look a glamorous touch. Make bread by taking some hair in front of it and clutch it with half hair at the back. This will give a new look to your style.

Easy Hair Style 10

Disconnection Style

While giving this style, the hair from the top is kept short, due to which the bounce on the head is quite visible and the hair below is kept long. Due to this miss-match of hair, this style is called disconnection style. This hairstyle fits on all types of face cuts and keeps your hair length intact and gives you a trendy look.

Reverse Veg Style

In this hairstyle like singer Rihanna, the back hair is short and the front hair is long. By adopting this hairstyle you can look slim and young.

Easy Hair Styles 26

DeMagic Hair Style

If you want to carry a style with long hair, then you may like 3D Magic Hair Cut. In this, the top hair is short, the long and middle hair are cut in normal length. These 3 dimensions are seen in every hair of the hair. The hair looks long and thick with this cut. This style gives you a very smart look. The beauty of this hair cut is seen even more when the tips of the hair are colored. The magic of the 3D Magic Cut matches very well with both the Modern and Traditional Outfits.

Corporate Bun

If you want to give a classy touch to your look then the bun hairstyle is the best for you. You can carry this hairstyle with any outfit. For this, first of all, unravel the hair with a comb and set it with gel so that they stick easily. After this, split the finger from the front by doing the side parting and make a bun by taking all the hair back and fix it with bob pin. To give this bun a light fashionable touch, decorate it with stylish accessories or set it with a colorful pin.

Easy Hair Styles 22

Half Bun

Nowadays half bun hairstyles are trending in a very trend. To make it, take the middle part of your hair and make it backwards and leave the rest of your hair open.

Easy Hair Style 19

French Roll

If there is a special meeting in the office, it is enough to make a hairstyle statement. All you have to do is simply wrap your hair and pin-up it. To make this, comb all the hairs together and comb them together. Now put bobby pins and rubber bands under it. Hold the hair with a rubber application and comb it again. Now twist them in the opposite side of the side that collected your hair. For example, if you have gathered hair from left to right side, then roll it from right to left, starting from the bottom. Roll it from the bottom to the top and then pinup the hair into a roll made with bobby pins.

French Knot Bun

To divide the hair, first of all, we have done the partitions as well as the year to year parting. Now pick the hair from the side on the side which has more hair and then make a french braid and bring it back from the side. After this, bring the other side of the hair mixed with French and bring it to the side and then make the rolls and attach them. Attach matching hair accessories to the dress to beautifully embellish the French knot from the back. This hairstyle is the best for all-weather parties because it has a tie on both the front and back as well as looks stylish.

Easy hair Styles 25

Sleek Bun

Hair styling products have to be used in the hair for a wet look, however hair gel is best for this type of look. In order to give a sleek style to your look, it is important that the hair is tied perfectly and also does not come on the mouth repeatedly. Therefore, first of all, unravel the hair from the comb and set it with gels so that it sticks easily. After this, make a side party, finger comb from the front and make a bun by moving all the hair back and fix it with bob pin. To give a slight fashionable touch to this bun, decorate it with stylish accessories or set it with colorful pins.

Easy Hair Style 3

Side Rolls Bun

This hairstyle is very good for long hair. In this, curl each hair with the help of a curling rod, but before curling, apply them so that the curls stay for a long time. If you have thin or short hair, then you can attach the top of the artifical hair to your hair. Now bring the hair to one side by side partying and keep the curls in place by twisting these curls. For funky look, you can also use colorful hair extensions in between.
Easy hair Styles 28

Messy Bun

Massey Bun’s hairstyle party or candle light dinner is perfect for all types of events. The best thing is that you do not even need to go to the parlor to make this hairstyle. This hairstyle is very easy. For this you need to curl the hair first. After this, take one curly braided and pinup it with the back bun. After pinning all the hair, decorate it with accessories. If the hair is light, then first put a donut in the middle of the hair.

Easy Hair Style 11

High Bun

Although this hairstyle is quite common but it is also very comfortable and easy. You can try it with saree and get your traditional and stylish look. To make it, all you need to do is to take all your hair together and make a joint and pin it on the crown area.

Easy Hair Style 4

Side Ponytail

This is the best option for a hairstyle simple look. Yes, the side ponytail also makes your simple look quite stylish. If your hair is naturally curly, then you only need to apply a rubber band to the side, while if your hair is straight, then you should color your hair first. To make a fringe low ponytail, divide the hair into two parts and first make the ponytail of the hair below and make a crown with the help of the rest of the hair. Be sure to do a back comb to give the hair a fringe look. In this way, you can try a new style every day and get compliments.

Curly Side Ponytail

Curly side ponytail girls are very fond of all styles of ponytails. The curly suede ponytail suits both with jeans-top and salwar-kameez. You must curl your hair to make it. To make the curly side ponytail, tie the hair upside down with a rubber band. Do not forget to apply hair gel or hair spray because this ponytail looks better in sleek look.

Easy Hair Styles 34


If you do not want to open hair, then fishtail hairstyle will be best for you. This hairstyle looks quite stylish. You can wear any dress with this hairstyle. Be it Weston or Indian. The classic fishtail hairstyle looks gorgeous. To make it, divide your hair into two. Now take a thin layer of hair from the right side and mix it in the left side of the hair. After this, take a thin layer of hair on the left side and mix it in the hair on the right side. Keep repeating the hair this way. By doing this, your fishtail will be ready. By keeping this peak facing forward, you will look even more beautiful.


Twisting Roll

You have already been taught to make fishtail i.e. Khajuri Choti. So in the same way if after parting the hair from front to side, bring the hair from right side to the back by twisting it. Then bring your hair to the side by twisting your hair in the same way. After this, make the twisting roll braid by twisting both of them on top of each other. If you wish, you can also use other color hair extensions between the two, this will make the look even more beautiful.

Easy hair Styles 33

Side Twist Role

First of all, give a straight look to the hair by pressing and then make a puff with the middle hair in the front. Put another color hair extension around the puff. Merge the hair extensions between the hair and make a twisting roll braid on one side. Give the side parting to the hair, then leave some of the front hair and make a high pony from the neck. Curl all the hair with a curling rod. Twist the left front hair and pinup it by moving it to the back. Put Feather or your favorite hair accessories on the pony.

Easy hair Style 35

Half Crown Braid

To make a half-crown braid hairstyle, first make bread from both sides and after that mix them backwards and pinup them in one place. After this, make a ponytail or braid the braid. You can carry it with both Indian or Westernware.

Easy Hair Styles 24

Floral Braid Bun

Decorate the gajra in such a manner by making a bun so that the gajra is well covered. Keep in mind that if you want to see Gajre on your hair for a long time, first of all pinup them with bobby pins. Then hairspray it. The Beats style flower on the top with the forest gives a quite attractive look.

Easy Hair Style 15

Tamil Bridal Braid

To get the bridal look, first comb the hair properly and iron it. Then spray hair and make pony. Pinup the round side of the joint to the crown area. Curve all the hair with a hot roller. Now take a section of hair from one ear to the other and make a braid in the middle. Decorate from the top by applying artificial hair found in the market on this peak.

Easy Hair Style 17

Ruffal Braid

Apply flexible hold spray to the hair and pull all the hair near the crown area and press forward and pinup. Give as much height as you can. Then divide the back hair into two. Now divide these two parts into two sections and make a peak. Complete the peak by mixing one part to the other and the other to the first. Similarly, make a peak on the other side as well. Thoroughly hairspray so that the braid lasts longer. Criss-crossing style gajra with peak also looks quite good. If you want, you can make this style a part of your bridal look.

Easy Hair Style 20

Bubble Braid

Leaving a section of hair forward, curl the remaining hair with hot rollers. Now lighten the front hair by bringing it near the crown area (center of the head) with the help of a brush (make sure that the hair part is not visible from the front). Lightly press the pin forward. Apply hair pins while pressing from back to front. For a soft look, thin hair can be removed on both sides of the face. Make a pony of the remaining hair behind, apply a bubble in the middle and leave some hair at the end.

Godess Braid

Bring all hair back to the crown area with a paddle brush. Pinup well and press forward. Then carefully divide the hair into two parts and make a smooth and high part by twisting one part. Spray hair from above to set. Make a simple peak from the other side and allow it to make further waves. Various accessories can also be used at this peak.

Easy hair Styles 31

Ring Roll with Braid

For this style of braid, the length of hair is necessary. First of all, get a good amount of cobbing in the hair. After this make a high ponytail. Then divide the back hair into two parts. To get the bridal look, first comb the hair properly and iron it. Then spray hair and make pony. Pinup the round on the joint to the Crowneria. Now take a section of hair from one ear to the other and make a braid in the middle. Decorate this peak by rolling the flowers.

Easy Hair Style 2

Plated Braid

Comb the hair and divide it into three parts. Separate and split the three strands of hair. The Indian top and its modern look, which we also call plates or bread, has become a global fashion statement. It is respected in Indian culture. Hollywood and Bollywood actresses have also been following this for quite some time. Whatever the weather, it always looks good, especially in the summer season, this Indian peak is also very beneficial.

Easy hair Styles 32

Plate Parting Hair Style

First of all, make an ear-to-ear part by making pony of the hair behind. Then leave the flicks of the front hair and spray back combing and make puffs. After this, divide pony hair into five parts. Make four rolls of four parts. Make eight thin peaks of one part. Pinup covering the rolls. Then cover the forehead and pinup it by bringing it back. Later decorate her with matching hair accessories from the dress. This hairstyle will suit not only wedding but any party.Easy Hair Style 13

Retro Curl Hair Style

First make a ponytail of the hair by parting year to year. Make a puff of the front hair while combing the back. Then cover the forehead, bringing a layer of hair from behind. After this, curl the pony hair and decorate it with beautiful hair accessories. If your forehead is wide then this hairstyle will look great on you. You can make this hairstyle in any kind of party.

Braided Bun Hair Style

Do an year to year parting. Make a puff by combing the back of the front hair. Divide the back hair into three parts and make three peaks. Rotate all these peaks round and round. Put beautiful hair accessories in the center of the joint.

Easy Hair Style 14

Tizzed Hair Style

Make a ponytail of back hair by parting year to year. Remove the box layer from the center of the forehead in the front hair and make a puff by combing the back of the rest of the hair. Divide the box layer hair into 3 parts. Pinup every part by twisting it backwards. Divide the pony hair into four parts and cover it with a long net with back combing and spray. Now pinup these four net hairs as waves. Now apply some beautiful hair accessories to this style.

Easy Hair Style 16


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