hairstyle for kids

hairstyle for kids

Hairstyle For Kids Both Boy And Girl

Aware of the fact that both parents and the kids from time to time are looking for very unique haircuts we’ve decided to present some of the coolest haircuts for kids out there.

Boy Kids Hairstyle

We have some classic cuts with a twist but mostly quite avant-garde haircuts that surely by it’s original character will let the kids shine. When your children are looking for something different you may find some inspiration to look further then the more or less regular haircuts.

Josh Flitter classic old style top mop hairstyle

Divided into two part – first one brings us hairstyles that all parents would like to see and the second part more unique cuts that’ll make our little ones jump on the barbers chair with joy.

Disconnected Side Pompadour Blonde Kid

1/95Disconnected Side Pompadour Blonde Kid

This dapper hairstyle is an excellent choice for boys who are going for a more formal look. We like how this style highlights the blonde color.@BALDYSBARBERS/ INSTAGRAM

Buzz Cut with Tapered Fade

2/95Buzz Cut with Tapered Fade hairstyle for kids

Simple and easy to maintain, this buzz cut is ideal for active youngsters. The slight taper on the side is a nice touch that changes things up just a little.@ALUPPERCUT/ INSTAGRAM

Ginger Kid with French Crop

3/95French Crop with Skin Fade

If your little one is after a more unique haircut, this French crop is definitely a cut to consider. It’s straightforward and a little different.@NASTYBARBERS/ INSTAGRAM

Layered Mo-Hawk

4/95Layered Mo-Hawk hairstyle for kids

Best for slightly older boys around the middle school age, this hairstyle will stand out in a crowd. It’s a short mohawk that’s very dramatic and attention-grabbing.@CHRIS_BARBERCODE/ INSTAGRAM

Taper Shaved Sides with Brushed Up Top

5/95Taper Shaved Sides with Brushed Up Top hairstyle for kids

For a really suave look, consider this classy brushed up hairstyle. It features a shaved design on the side that adds a bit of edge.@MR.LO__/ INSTAGRAM

Angular Fringe

6/95Textured Angular fringe hairstyle for kids

Inspired by popular athletic hairstyles, this heavily textured style belongs in its own category. The contrast of the fringe and the messy top is interesting and stylish.@NOTORIOUSBARBERS/ INSTAGRAM

Brush up Skin Fade Blonde

7/95Brush up Skin Fade Blonde hairstyle for kids

This is a fun hairstyle that’s great for boys who want a very casual and playful look. The hair stands straight up for an eye-catching appearance.@TOMBAXTER_HAIR / INSTAGRAM

Twice Disconnected Slicked Back

8/95Twice Disconnected Slicked Back Blonde hairstyle for kids

Here’s a very slick hairstyle that features brushed up hair and two shaved lines on the side. This is a bold, trendy look that’s ideal for a more preppy style.@TONISAURA_BARBERSHOP / INSTAGRAM

Layered Side Brushed Blonde Kid

9/95Layered Side Brushed Blonde Kid hairstyle for kids

This layered haircut creates a nice wavy motion in the hair. This is another cut that can easily accompany a highly active lifestyle, and it suits boys of any age.@ALAN_BEAK / INSTAGRAM

Comfident Kid with wavy Brush Up

10/95Wavy Brushed Up Hair hairstyle for kids

For boys with thick and wavy hair, this brushed up style will work very well. It emphasizes the waviness of the hair and looks quite smart.@ACUTABOVESPARTA / INSTAGRAM

Textured French Crop with Disconnection

11/95Textured French Crop with Disconnection

Here is an incredibly trendy hairstyle that will easily set you apart. The sharp disconnected line and messy top are distinctive and stylish.@PAUL_BARBERCODE / INSTAGRAM

Blonde Mo-Hawk with Disconnection

12/95Blonde Mo-Hawk with Disconnection

This disconnected mohawk is easily one of the most extreme hairstyles on this list, but it’s an undeniably eye-catching look. The dyed tips really help to contrast the disconnected sides.@CEEJAYFADEZ/ INSTAGRAM

Comb Over Fringe Little Boy Hairstyles

13/95Comb Over with Fringe

Here’s a simple combed over hairstyle that you can’t go wrong with. Great for both casual and formal situations.

Designed Side with Line Up

14/95Designer Afro Hair

Inspired by athletes and urban style, this shaved design helps to accentuate the small afro. If desired, the hair on the top can be grown out a bit.@RANCEJOHN / INSTAGRAM

Ivy League with Hard Part

15/95Ivy League with Hard Part

The Ivy League is a classic haircut that’s always been popular as a young boys’ cut. This variation adds a hard part for extra style points.@RAUL_THE_BARBER / INSTAGRAM

Kid with Line Up and Disconnect

16/95Disconnected Side Part with Line Up

Another style with dual hard parts, this disconnected side part style is a more mature look that will suit slightly older, fashion-forward boys.@CUTTYFRESH/ INSTAGRAM

Thin Hair with Side Quiff

17/95Side Quiff

This side quiff is a good option for all hair types, ideal for boys who want to be a little stylish but don’t want anything too extreme.@BARBERSOFBT45/ INSTAGRAM

Textured Skin fade Thin Hair

18/95Textured Skin Fade

Skin fade haircuts offer a very clean look, and this haircut is no exception. With textured hair on top and even hair on the sides and back, this is a very respectable cut.@GMAN_GOLDENTOUCH/ INSTAGRAM

Spiky Disconnected Blonde Hair

19/95Disconnected Spiky Soccer Hairstyle

Another athletic-inspired look, this hairstyle features hair spiked up into a slight faux hawk, while a curved line is shaved into the side for a unique flair.@JAVI_THEBARBER_/ INSTAGRAM

Scissor Cut with Line Up

20/95Back To School Scissor Cut

This scissor cut is traditional on top and trendy on the sides. The disconnected line up on the left adds an asymmetrical twist that makes this style stand out.@M.R.K.THEBARBER/ INSTAGRAM

Undercut Slicked Back Blonde

21/95Undercut Slicked Back Blonde

An undercut is always a solid choice for older boys. Here’s a simple, neat variation that’s classy and elegant.@TONISAURA_BARBERSHOP / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

22/95Textured Fringe

Good for boys who like short hair, this textured hairstyle is especially beneficial for thinner, finer hair, as it adds a lot of motion without requiring volume.@HIDEOUTBARBER / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

23/95Wavy Pompadour with Design

Here’s another take on the pompadour that adds a bit of waviness to the hair. The design on the side adds an interesting angular element to the cut.@TONISAURA_BARBERSHOP / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

24/95Double Disconnected Brushed Up Style

Yet another style with two hard parts, this brushed up hairstyle looks messy yet fashionable at the same time.@TONISAURA_BARBERSHOP / INSTAGRAM

Hard Side Part with Taper

25/95Hard Side Part with Taper

For a classy haircut, this side part style will serve you well. It’s mostly formal and tidy, but the swooped hair adds just a touch of messiness.@CHRIS_BARBERCODE/ INSTAGRAM

Low Key Hard Part with Undercut Side Brush

26/95Low Key Hard Part with Undercut Side Brush

Who said hard parts are only for grown-ups? This style proves that boys of all ages can rock a hard part.@SKINFADEPOST/ INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

27/95Messy Top with Short Strands Texture

Messy hair doesn’t have to look scruffy or unruly. It can create tons of fun and exciting texture, as shown here.@HIDEOUTBARBER / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

28/95Thin Shaved Hairline with Casual Top

This trendy haircut has a lot going for it. With a slight hard part, a messy top, and a subtly asymmetrical fringe, this is a fashionable yet casual haircut.@ANDYAUTHENTIC / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

29/95Wavy and Curly Top with Tapered Sides

Have extremely curly hair? Try out this haircut. It’s simple and low maintenance but allows the curliness of the hair to shine through.@HIDEOUTBARBER / INSTAGRAM

Spiky Texture Skin Fade

30/95Spiky Texture Skin Fade

If you’re looking for something daring, then this spiky look definitely fits the bill. The bald fade dramatically emphasizes the large spikes, making this haircut a sure-fire head turner.@KALIN_BARBER/ INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

31/95Hard Part with Side Brush

Side part styles can be versatile for young boys. They can be styled to be neat and proper or messy and laid-back (as shown here).@ALEXTHEBARBER305 / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

32/95Simple Ivy League

The Ivy League is traditionally a shorter style, but it can be adapted for long hair. This provides more room to style the hair while ensuring the hair stays tidy.@TOTE_BARBER / INSTAGRAM

Classic Side Brushed

33/95Classic Side Brushed

For fine hair, short styles like this one often work best. There’s just enough length to allow for a bit of styling, so you can brush it up or slick it back.@TOMBAXTER_HAIR / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

34/95Thin Part with High Volume Top

Here’s a style that affords lots of volume without sacrificing neatness. The prominent side part adds a point of visual interest and separates the hair nicely.@TONISAURA_BARBERSHOP / INSTAGRAM

Artsy Back Hair

35/95Holidays Haircut

Shaved designs are all the rage today. If you want a bold and adventurous style, then definitely consider an inspired design like the exciting pattern shown here.@M.R.K.THEBARBER/ INSTAGRAM

Faux Hawk for Toddler

36/95Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a tried and true haircut that works well with a variety of hair types. It’s a fun and spiky style that young boys are sure to love.BY @TOMBAXTER_HAIR / INSTAGRAM

Asymmetric Texture

37/95Asymmetric Texture

Here’s a haircut that will make you stand out in a crowd. The sharp fringe is obviously the focal point, but the messy texture on top is also very visually impactful.BY @BARBER.JOSH.O.P / INSTAGRAM

Dyed Burst Fade

38/95Dyed Burst Fade

For curlier or coiled hair, you can opt for a burst fade to help manage the hair’s texture while still preserving its character.@BONEZDAGOAT / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

39/95Side Combed Brush with Tapered Sides

This side-swept style is a timeless look that’s perfect for boys of any age. It’s a good choice for a multipurpose hairstyle that’s ideal for both casual and formal situations.@PAUL_BARBERCODE / INSTAGRAM

Faux Hawk for School

40/95High Volume Loose Brush Up

Many boys want a hairstyle that will match their energetic personalities. This high volume brush up communicates youthfulness like few other haircuts can, so it’s an excellent option for kids.@JARREDSBARBERS / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

41/95Spiky Top with Taper Faded Sides

Spikes can be styled in lots of different ways. Here’s a take on a loose spiky look that results in a slightly blown out style.@TOTE_BARBER / INSTAGRAM

Disconneced French Crop

42/95Disconneced French Crop

Neat yet full of texture, this disconnected variation on the classic French crop is extremely striking. A large hard part divides the hair into two sections that greatly contrast in length.BY @BARBER.JOSH.O.P / INSTAGRAM

haircuts for kids

43/95Subtle Line Up with Faded Temple

The line up is a very convenient style for kids. When paired with a temple fade, a line up creates a tidy, well-kept appearance.@ANDYAUTHENTIC / INSTAGRAM

Sharp Skin Fade + Side Swept Hair

44/95Sharp Skin Fade + Side Swept Hair

This distinctive haircut is good for older boys who want to express their individuality. We especially like how this style uses a skin fade in an unconventional manner.BY @BARBER.JOSH.O.P / INSTAGRAM

Comb Over with Hard Part

45/95Comb Over with Hard Part

Retro-inspired haircuts have always been popular for boys. This suave comb-over is a simple, low maintenance cut that’s easy to get and style.@JUBEI_MA / INSTAGRAM

Skin Fade with Step and Skin Fade

46/95Skin Fade with Step and Skin Fade

A preppier style with lots of volume, this dramatic quiff uses a sudden skin fade to create a powerful visual effect.CREDITS: BRAID BARBERS

Short Sides Longer Top

47/95Short Sides Longer Top

The formula of “short on the sides, long on top” forms the basis of many boys’ haircuts. This style uses that formula to create a textured, windswept look.@VIROGAS.BARBER / INSTAGRAM

Kids Boys French Crop Undercut

48/95Kids Boys French Crop Undercut

The undercut is yet another good style for boys. This undercut uses a French crop on top and features a symmetrical fringe.@AMBARBERIA / INSTAGRAM

Combed Over Side Part for Kids

49/95Combed Over Side Part for Kids

If you like the side part style but want something a bit longer, try this look. The bulk of the hair is brushed to the side while the sides and back are nice and even.@BARBERMIKETHOMAS / INSTAGRAM

Junior Pompadour Blonde

50/95Junior Pompadour Blonde

The pompadour is a great look, but a tall pompadour can cause imbalance when worn by younger boys. One trick is to shrink the pompadour so it fits better.CREDITS: BRAID BARBERS

Curvy Brush Up Top with Low Fade

51/95Curvy Brush Up Top with Low Fade@UNITEDBARBERS.SPAIN / INSTAGRAM

Dyed MoHawk


Sweet Boy Mop Top Hairstyle

53/95Sweet Boy Mop Top Hairstyle

Cook haircuts for kids

54/95Thundered Shave Pattern@JUBEI_MA / INSTAGRAM

Haircut for kids

55/95Dripping Sides with Pony@JUBEI_MA / INSTAGRAM

Mohawk for kids


Blond Mohawk Boy Haircut

57/95Blond Mohawk Boy Haircut

Brushed Up Fringe Boys Hairstyle

58/95Brushed Up Fringe Boys Hairstyle

Short Messy Blond Hairstyle

59/95Short Messy Blond Hairstyle

Quirky Brushed Up Fringe Boy

60/95Quirky Brushed Up Fringe

Neat Side Part Little Boy

61/95Neat Side Part Little Boy

Ombre Fade Design and French Crop

62/95Ombre Fade Design and French Crop@ MOOHAMMAD_HAMZE/ INSTAGRAM

Textured Caesar Crop

63/95Textured Caesar Crop@R.BRAID / INSTAGRAM

Side Swept Little Pompadour

64/95Side Swept Little Pompadour

Life Line Cut

65/95Life Line CutSOURCE


66/95Gecko Mohawk CutSOURCE


67/95Roman CutSOURCE


68/95Snowman CutSOURCE


69/95Bat CutSOURCE


70/95Pattern PrinceSOURCE


71/95The Cat CutSOURCE


72/95Jet Part CutSOURCE


73/95Superhero CutSOURCE

Hardline Design on Kid

74/95Hardline Design@LO__SCEICCO__/ INSTAGRAM


75/95Squares CutSOURCE


76/95Mohawk Pattern CutSOURCE


77/95Pattern CutSOURCE


78/95Action Figures CutSOURCE


79/95Joker CutSOURCE

Brush-up -Pattern-Cut

80/95Brush Up Pattern CutSOURCE


81/95Marvel CutSOURCE

The Amazing Spiderman Cut

82/95The Amazing Spiderman Cut

Wavy Side-Line Design and Burr Crop

83/95Wavy Side-Line Design and Burr Crop@ALONSOCLIPPERHANDS / INSTAGRAM

Side Line Design and Styled Long Top

84/95Side Line Design and Styled Long Top@ALONSOCLIPPERHANDS / INSTAGRAM

Simple Yet Trendy Hairlines

85/95Simple Yet Trendy Hairlines@OMARGADIER_78 / INSTAGRAM

Simple On Top and Trendy On Sides

86/95Simple On Top and Trendy On Sides@STILO_BARBER/INSTAGRAM

Small Spikes with Faded Sides

87/95Small Spikes with Faded Sides@NINOTHENICE / INSTAGRAM

Fine Fade with Shaved Line

88/95Fine Fade with Shaved Line@ODYZZEUZ / INSTAGRAM

When Summer Holidays Hit

89/95When Summer Holidays Hit@PJABREU / INSTAGRAM

Hardcore MoHawk


Stranded Top with Fade

91/95Stranded Top with Fade@PJABREU / INSTAGRAM

Blonde Spiky Highlights on Kid

92/95Blonde Spiky Highlights on Kid@RYANCULLENHAIR / INSTAGRAM

French Crop and Hardline Design

93/95French Crop and Hardline Design@DENCIOAGUILAR / INSTAGRAM

Thin Haired Brush Up


Short Top Tossed Taper Fade

Girl Kids Hairstyle

A beautiful haircut is a cornerstone of maintaining a great hairstyle.  Further, it makes it easier to look more polished instantly, for any occasion.  Today, we visit three amazing back to school short hairstyles for girls.  Also, we will take a look at how to obtain and maintain these looks.  The styles we’ve selected will make her look cute and well-put-together every day.  As such, we consider them some of the top kid’s hairstyles

The Pixie Cut

Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Pixie Cut
Originating in the 1950’s, the Pixie Cut is still going strong!

The pixie cut is still all the rage these days.  The key to making the cut look outstanding is matching the angles of the cut to the shape of your daughter’s face.  And the best part of the look for you?  No more tangles and tedious comb-out sessions!

Hairstyle Description:

A pixie cut is a wonderful back to school hairstyle for your little girl.  Although the individual style of the pixie cut varies, it generally consists of short hair on the sides and back with slightly longer hair on top of the head.  The pixie cut is a variation of the crop cut.

Pixie cuts range in length from a half an inch in some areas to as long as two to three inches long in others.

The top benefit of the pixie cut is probably its versatility.  Further, they can be worn casually or adorned a bit for more formal occasions.

How To Maintain the Pixie Cut:

Thanks to its shortness, the pixie cut is easy to maintain!  Washing and drying will be easier than ever.  Styling the look, however, will be a bit more involved.  Further, if your child had long hair previously, it will take some getting used to.  Patience is a virtue, and you will get the hang of it in no time.  Just be sure to have some balm or pomade handy to help contour the look to your daughter’s face.

Speaking of, now that there are no long tresses to hide behind, all attention will now be on your little princess’s beautiful face!

Haircuts for Short Hair Girls– Blunt Bangs

Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Blunt Bangs
Nothing “CUTE-ifies” a little girl’s face quite like a nice set of bangs!

Little girls look absolutely beautiful sporting blunt bangs everywhere they go.

Hairstyle Description:

Bangs that are cut straight on the forehead without adding any texture or volume are known as blunt bangs.  They are perfect for girls with a prominent forehead.

Haircuts for Short Hair Girls – Loose Pigtails Hairstyle

Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Loose Pigtails
Can these loose pigtails possibly get any more adorable?

Loose pigtails are the ultimate school girl hairstyle that you can never go wrong with.  Simple yet functional, we easily consider loose pigtails one of the best back to school haircuts for short hair girls in the game today!


This is a sweet hairstyle that makes sure you have no stray hair on your face without making your hair look flat. With this timeless look, your daughter can always look polished within a few seconds. Pigtails look even more adorable when done on short hair.

How To Obtain Loose Pigtails:

Part the hair from the middle and comb each side thoroughly. Tie both sides into a simple loose braid while tugging on the sections as you go to create some volume. Tie the braids with hair elastics and wrap a section of the hair around the elastic band. Pull out a few strands of hair from the front and you are done.

How To Maintain Loose Pigtails:

Maintaining loose pigtails are a cinch.  Aside from utilizing best practices for maintaining shiny and beautiful hair, styling the look is incredibly easy!  Simply smooth out the “fly-aways” using hair wax or dry oil to achieve a smooth braid on both sides of the head.  Also, if your daughter has layered hair then pin the strays with a bobby pin.

Short Hair Girls – Hairstyle– Choppy Layers

Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Choppy Layers
Choppy Layers make a bold statement with very little work!

Choppy Layers can make your princess look stylish and on-point with the least effort possible.

Hairstyle Description:

Choppy layers are created by strategically cutting small, medium and large chunks of your hair from each layer. The result is to show hair strands of varying lengths in concert with one another, revealing an urbane and sophisticated style.  Choppy layers are incredibly trendy and are creating a bold move in the hair industry.  The aesthetics of this look gives the appearance of an immense volume.

For examples, you can look no further than several female UFC fighters who sport this style both in and out of the ring.

How to Obtain Choppy Layers:

Girls with short hair can have two to three layers in their hair.  Next, the stylist proceeds to expertly cut off large chunks of hair to form each layer.  This will create an overall beautiful texture.  It is essential to choose a highly skilled barber or stylist who specializes in children.  They will be able to get the very most out of this look.

Choppy layers are considered an intermediate to an advanced hairstyle.  Further, this should be taken into account when selecting the individual to create your daughter’s look.  Children’s stylists are also best for this work!  Further, they are most qualified to work with young people who don’t sit completely still.  An art for consistently hitting “moving targets” is essential!

Haircuts for Short Hair Girls – Honorable Mentions

It was incredibly difficult narrowing down the field in this year’s edition of Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 – Best Back to school haircuts for short hair girls.  For those that didn’t make the final cut, don’t worry!  You still have a special place in our heart. See below. hairstyle for kids

Here are our honorable mentions for some awesome back to school haircuts for short hair girls: hairstyle for kids

Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Straight Bob
The straight bob is one of the more intricate hairstyles to achieve in the salon, but it’s super cute!
Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Asymetrical Lob
The Asymmetrical Lob cut is a really cool look and just missed the cut.
Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Angled Lob
We love the Angled Lob cut on little girls, and you will too!
Just 4 Kids Salon - Top Kids Hairstyles 2018 - Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls - Short and Wavy
The Short & Wavy is a gorgeous and healthy hairstyle. If your little girl has curls or waves, check out our upcoming article on the best back to school hairstyles for girls with curly hair!

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