Hairstyle for girls short hair

Hairstyle for girls short hair

Hair Style For Girls Short Hair

Wand Curls for Short Hair

Having 2 girls with short hair, y’all have been asking what are some cute and easy hairstyles for shorter hair. I love, love, LOVE a nice beach wave, so Rylan is going show y’all how she gets her awesome curls! Whether you’re throwing on your favorite pair of jeans or

The Split Headband | Hairstyles for Short Hair

We are back from Europe and had a wonderful time meeting many of you in Amsterdam, various stops in England, and in Edinburgh, Scotland! In all, we met and took photos with more that 1,500 of you! That seriously is the very best part of what we do… meeting you!

Split Braided Headband

Dutch Accent Ponytail | Short Hairstyles

So, a few weeks ago, Bailey posted an “Outfit-of-the-Day” {OOTD} photo on Instagram of the clothing she put together and everyone commented by asking what it was that she had done with her hair. We’ve never filmed a tutorial for this hairstyle, as it was one she had been making

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Dutch Accent Ponytail | Short Hairstyles

Triple Knot Accents | Short Hairstyles

We cut Bailey’s hair two months ago, the very same morning she had her wisdom teeth removed. It has been a long time since she had short hair, so she has had fun experimenting on ways to style her hair using braids and hairstyle accents. Bailey told me earlier this week, “Mom,

Triple Knot Accent | Short Hairstyles

Double French Twistback | Short Hairstyles

By request, I have started to go through some of our short hairstyles that we have not yet filmed. I have done this double twist hairstyle before in a photo tutorial, but here I decided to film it on my #4 daughter who has the short A-line bob. It is

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Single Front Twist | Short Hairstyles

Here is a very simple and cute hairstyle idea for keeping your bangs out of your eyes. It can also be done on any length of hair (short or long), whether or not there are layers, and can be done in under a few minutes. I have promised that I

Single Front Twist Hairstyle

Twisty Buns | Short Hairstyles

We start today’s style with something so easy a daddy can do it! These twisty buns are a cute alternative to the typical “waterspout piggies” that toddlers wear… Items Needed: brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, 4 rubber bands, and any accessories. Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes. Skill Level: Easy   Step-By-Step

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Short Hairstyles: 4 Messy-Pigtail Twists

This hairstyle is a crazy and fun look great for everyday.   Items Needed: Comb, brush, water bottle, hairspray, and 8 rubber bands. Time Required: 5-10 minutes. Skill Level: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions: 1.  For this cute hairstyle design, begin by parting hair on either side. 2.  Starting at the middle part, part

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