Easy Hairstyles For Birthday Girl’s

Let’s face it — to kids, birthdays are a big deal. Every girl wants to feel special on her day, but making it great doesn’t always have to include expensive extravagant things. One of the best ways to make your daughter feel extra special is with a beautiful hairstyle to celebrate in.

Don’t have much experience or time? Don’t worry. We’ve found some beautiful hairstyles for all types of hair that are both simple and fun.

1. Bow Bun: The end result is adorable, and only takes four easy steps. This trendier style is fitting for the girly girl.

2. Sweet Roll: This style is perfect for your “creative artist,” as she can accent it with a cute pom-pom, floral accessory, or anything she wants. The roll has a little bit of a messy look to it, so it’s perfect for play dates too!

3. High Bun: Having trouble trying to figure out hairstyles for your girl with a head of curls? This one’s for you! It’s a great way to keep her hair up in a pulled back style that will actually still look composed by the end of an active day.

4. Pigtail Buns: If your toddler has wispy hair, you’ll love this cute ‘do. A few tips: have everything ready so you can move quickly, and put a little gel on the tips of your fingers to help keep her wisps in control.

5. Bang Braid: This hairstyle is great for your toddler or girl with shorter hair. All you need is a fine-tooth comb and a small elastic hairband. It’s quick for a little gal who won’t sit still for very long, and a great way to get her hair out of her eyes.

6. Dutch Braid Bun: You’ll love this hairstyle — it looks fancy but is really quite simple. And even better, it’s still cute after getting a little messy from the day’s activities!

7. Twisted Heart: Girls with longer hair will love this dramatic look. The heart effect it creates is so sweet; your daughter will definitely feel special.

8. Fishtail with Hair Accessory: Is your daughter free-spirited? Then she’ll probably love this style, where you can use fun hair accessories — like headbands, flower clips, or ribbon — to make it her own.

9. Elsa’s Coronation Side Bun: Out of all the styles we’ve shared with you, this one is a little trickier but definitely worth it, especially for all those Frozen movie fans. It includes weaving a blue ribbon into the bun itself. You can watch a great tutorial to help you achieve a pretty look!

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