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Characteristics of computer full describe


The characteristics of PC can be characterized as the quiet highlights they have during a range of time. As the general advancement of PC technology changed the essential trademark has been expanded drastically before they were simply utilized for computation or for some particular task,but nowadays PC has come to every single piece of human life and one cannot envision their lives without their utilization and the effect PC ages have made in their lives. Characteristics of Computer

From school, Institution to emergency clinics they are all over. PC has taken the human outstanding task at hand on their shoulders and furnishes us with Great AND Amazing outcomes.

Characteristics of Computer are as following

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Memory
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Low Cost and Reduced Size
  • Automatic
  • No Feeling and No IQ

Speed of Computer

Well we should discuss speed, Computers have an unfathomable speed with accuracy that is past human abilities, Not just they have speed yet the speed with accuracy and Pinpoint answers for each issue emerges before them.

The speed of PC is considered as one of the most significant characteristics of PC. According to people, the littlest unit of time is viewed as second, however not for PCs seconds are additionally isolated into milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds and picoseconds. The ground-breaking PC can work just about 5 million guidance for every seconds. When we talk about the speed of PC milliseconds are hundredth of a second, microseconds are the millionth of a second, nanoseconds are the billionth of a second and picoseconds are trillionth of a second. Characteristics of Computer

Speed is fundamentally the principle normal for PC, their speed is estimated regarding GIGAHERTZ and MEGAHERTZ.They can fathom complex to complex numerical and sensible issues easily contrasted with people.

Accuracy of computer

They have an incredible speed and are unfathomably dangerous accurate.The Errors happens because of ill-advised or off-base or off base information given to the PC system.PC fundamentally relies on the data sources. State if a client enters off-base or ill-advised or mistaken data to the PC clearly the yield produced by them will not be right, ill-advised or off base.

The Errors we got while utilizing PC are by and large called as “Human Errors” or the mistakes of software engineers who composes program for better PC capacities.

GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)Is a notable term utilized for PC accuracy,if the info isn’t right the yield will likewise not be right .

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Characteristics of Computer is Memory of Computer

This is additionally one of the most basic characteristics of PC nowadays they can store or spare practically any volume of information because of its high stockpiling abilities. When the information or guidance spared to the PC memory it stays in the memory, until and except if somebody erases, clients can review or recover the information whenever, at any area they require, As the person will in general overlook little data given to them, however these machines stores all the data was given to them forever.

These Machines can store the information as long as client’s craving. The estimation of memory are MEGABYTES (MB), GIGABYTES (GB) And TERABYTES (TB).Hard plate and pen drives are instances of memory.

Diligence of Computer

They can work extended periods of time without tiredness or fatigue with same speed and accuracy.As the PC is a machine its does not decline to work and works for quite a long time and hours with a similar consistency. Be that as it may, then again individual can get effectively tired of same work over and over can lose their fixation, speed, and accuracy since human experience the ill effects of tiredness, lethargy, in contrast to machines.

Versatility of Computer

They can play out a few errands simultaneously, for example, client can play tunes, take a shot at archives, scan for any records in the hard circle, surf the net, download programming, figure, a PC can play out a few capacities simultaneously with same speed, accuracy and with consistency. Dissimilar to human PCs are undeniably more versatile.Ther efore PCs have come to all fundamentals part of the human culture. Characteristics of Computer

Reliability of Computer

They are dependable machines, on account of their reliability numerous associations, foundations, organizations depend on them tremendously. They can store enormous measure of information and can be reviewed or recover rapidly whenever or wherever as the client requests. The blunders happen in the PC are for the most part human errors.Once given a colossal errand or activity they complete the work with no reasons and individuals or clients can depend on them.

Low Cost and Reduced Size :

The progression in the improvement of PC equipment and programming technology the cost of PC has been diminished definitely and has come to most of the humans.Due to its low-cost clinics, organizations, government segments, organizations, and end clients have invited them with open hands.

Because of low cost and reduced size, they have come to each individual on the planet.We utilize our PC day by day envision the cost of a PC during the 1960s you certainly not have longed for purchasing a PC in that age this is the central point that PC has come to billions of individuals around the globe.

Automatic :

They can perform Automatically when allocated an assignment or task say you have begun a download of motion pictures the PC will download the whole motion picture in hate the client is available or not with no interference except if there are arrange mistakes or availability issues.

They can perform colossal numerical and legitimate estimation when given appropriate guidance automatically. Indeed, even pilots can handover the controls to a PC as they can fly enormous flying machines which are called as AUTO-PILOT Mode. Characteristics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer has No Feeling and No IQ :

They don’t have feeling and self IQ. They don’t feel anything not at all like people for example tiredness, fatigue, sluggishness, jealousy or desire. As they don’t have their own IQ they altogether rely on people for sources of info, the PC cannot take their own choices dependent on rationale.

PC has mistakes just when an info isn’t right or wrong, the Computer researchers are chipping away at AI (Artifical Intelligence) which will make them so incredible and exact that they will settle on their own choice, and rationale when giving some instruction.This sort of PC will have mind blowing characteristics which will change the whole Generations of PC frameworks.

Computer full form and full Describe
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Computer full form and full Describe
The speed of PC is considered as one of the most significant characteristics of computer Speed Accuracy Memory Diligence Versatility Reliability Low Cost
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