Quarantine Bangs

Quarantine Bangs

The Best Way To Getting Quarantine Bangs

Supermodel Bella Hadid just did something you’ve no doubt been contemplating while in a lockdown—she cut her own bangs. With in-house glam squads temporarily a thing of the past because of worldwide self-quarantine, just like us regular folks, celebrities have to take care of their own haircuts and dye jobs. And they’re putting it all on social media for us to see. But is it really as easy to get bangs at home as the 30 seconds Instagram stories? What if it ends up being short? Will it look like a bowl cut? quarantine bangs

Quarantine Bangs
Quarantine Bangs

How to Cut your Quarantine bangs?

“Cutting one’s bangs is relatively easy. Unlike other hairstyling though, it should be done when the hair is dry so you can know the exact length of the fringes because wet hair shrinks as it dries,” says Poonam Tamang, Senior Stylist at Bliss by Sakil Kunwar. “Remember to always cut your bangs at least one cm longer than your desired length so that you can go in use your scissors vertically to give it a more professional look,” suggests Poonam.

One of the most searched terms right now is “how to cut your own hair”. If you are considering cutting your own bangs and you have zero experience, you should probably take a second to think things over. Do you actually want bangs, or are you just really bored? And with fringes being the first haircut idea people get when they’re bored (along with shaving off all the hair, of course), make sure you are a hundred percent in it to trim it. And if you really, truly can’t wait to see a hairstylist, then fret not because Susma Tamang, Hairstylist, and Instructor at Veda Institute, is here to offer her expertise. “If you are new to fringes, it is best if you cut it in such a way that your bangs sit just above your eyebrows so it won’t fall in your eyes and disturb your vision,” says Susma.

So, now that you’re convinced you can learn how to cut your own bangs—you just need the right tools, tons of patience, and an easy-to-follow tutorial. And that’s where hairstylist Roshni Rana comes in. Though she recommends going to a professional to get bangs cut, she’s fine with at-home bang trims, provided you follow directions and use a pair of legitimate cutting shears. “Before you sit down to cut your hair, do assemble all the materials you need,” she says. And what are those? “You’ll need a pair of sharp scissors, a comb, a mirror, and a few clips.” Roshni was kind enough to break it down step by step for all the novices who are new at handling hairdressing.

Quarantine bangs Step 1: Find your bangs

You need to locate where your bangs truly begin. Hold a comb flat on top of your head. Turn sideways towards the mirror so you can see where your head starts to round in the front. That is your starting point for your bang section.

Quarantine bangs Step 2: Make your bang triangle

Using a comb, separate your bangs from the rest of your hair by making a triangle shape.

Quarantine bangs Step 3: Find the length

Take the triangle and pull it straight out from your head in front of you. Your fingers should be generally where you want the final trimmed length to be. Start further down if you’re unsure; you can always go back in, we have nothing but time.

Quarantine bangs Step 4: Flip and cut

Keeping your bangs between your fingers, delicately flip the very ends of your bangs upwards. Then you go in at an angle with the scissors called the point cutting. You point with the scissors like a clock’s hand pointing to seven and then lightly trim across.

Quarantine bangs Step 5: Style the bangs

The hardest part is over and its time to let it shine. You can style your bangs using a hairdryer or a straightener. The best way is to curl your bangs from their roots to the tip in an arching motion to build volume.

Here’s hoping this cures at least a few hours of your self-isolation boredom because truth be told, you’ve killed a few hours just thinking about cutting your own bangs. So should you attempt to ruin your hairdresser’s handiwork while you’re on your own? As long as it’s just the fringes, they’ll be okay with it.

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