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Which one best gaming motherboard for i9-9900K? and Why?


On the off chance that you’ve been peering toward the most recent age of Intel CPUs intently while anxiously trusting that the correct time will redesign your equipment, you couldn’t have picked a superior time to begin working with the Xtreme Combo! AORUS of late declared the restricted release Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE 5G Premium Edition Bundle which matches the Red Dot Award winning Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard with pretested Intel® Core™ i9-9900K CPUs that can hit 5.1GHz over every one of the 8 centers!

All Cores 5.1 GHz

At the center of this group is the Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard. While the possibility of overclocking all centers to 5.1 GHz sounds rather, well… outrageous, GIGABYTE structured its Z390 leader motherboard to open this bore of execution reliably.

So what’s the advantage of hitting 5.1GHz on every one of the 8 centers of the i9-9900K? For what reason is it such a noteworthy benchmark? Well basically, having the option to run each of the 8 centers at 5.1GHz implies that you’re ready to amplify execution without the tradeoff between higher clock speeds and center tallies.

At higher clock speeds, your processor can figure counts quicker so the applications you’re running are increasingly responsive and run quicker and all the more easily. A higher center tally implies your processor can at the same time process numerous undertakings all the more productively so you can run perform multiple tasks all the more easily.

This is noteworthy in light of the fact that CPU plan requirements generally imply that higher center tallies accompany slower clock speeds and lower center checks accompany higher clock speeds however this amazing blend of motherboard and CPU gets you to an incredibly quick 5.1GHz over each of the 8 centers, leaving this limitation in the residue. You outdo the two universes, quicker and progressively stable execution.

World’s Best Gaming Processor

Late ages of Intel CPUs have accompanied increasingly elevated center checks and the pattern proceeds with the latest ninth Gen. Intel CPUs. Intel’s top standard offering this age, the Intel i9-9900K CPU, highlights 33% a bigger number of centers than the past age at 8 centers and 16 strings which implies the client has a great deal to work with this time around.

With higher base and turbo clock rates, the i9-9900K is one of the quickest gaming processors available. It additionally accompanies worked in assurance against the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities. The interest for what Intel names as “the world’s best gaming processor” was strong to the point that there was a lack of these exceptionally looked for after CPUs when they ended up accessible a year ago.

So in case you’re searching for that immense CPU that can open execution like you’ve never encountered, the i9-9900K is that CPU you’re been searching for.

Win The Silicon Lottery

It is essential to observe that few out of every odd processor model of the equivalent SKU is indistinguishable to one another as far as execution! For instance, on the off chance that you proceed to buy an i9-9900K CPU, it will perform uniquely in contrast to another i9-9900K CPU. How huge the thing that matters is relies upon well, truth be told, karma! This is generally alluded to as the Silicon Lottery.

Like a lottery, it’s a hurl up which CPU conveys better execution. It may sound silly yet consider how CPUs are produced. Intel’s ninth Gen. chip are delivered with 14nm creation innovation. Believe it or not! Nanometers! We’re discussing a billionth of a meter. Unbelievably small is putting it mildly here. It might sound trifling however even the smallest contrasts in material quality between chip at the nuclear dimension can result in enormous execution contrasts.

Because of these material quality contrasts, this implies as a buyer, you’re depending on karma to get the best processor. In any case, in case you’re as of now spending as much as possible to buy a high bore CPU, wouldn’t you need a certification that you can get the best CPU accessible as opposed to depending on karma? Generally why burn through all that cash in case you’re simply getting center of the pack execution from a first class CPU?

That is the reason GIGABYTE offers an answer for assistance you sidestep the Silicon Lottery and cause it so you to get the processor quality you merit. The answer for tending to the disparities in execution between CPUs is classified “Chip Binning.”

“Chip Binning” is the procedure of pretesting these CPUs in advance to “sort out” which CPUs with a similar part number can hit higher clock speeds. Along these lines, you can sort the CPUs from lower to higher execution. “Chip Binning” enables you to select the CPUs that are quicker and along these lines, all the more exceptionally esteemed.

Pretesting and arranging these CPUs is the contrast between you getting a decent CPU and you getting an incredible CPU. For the normal shopper it’s clearly not a handy arrangement since buying a group of processors and testing every one is very unrealistic. That would resemble dealing with organic product at the nearby market by tasting every apple or banana.

Gracious, and every apple or banana would cost 200USD+. Except if you approach a bounty of these processors, it’s simply not practical. That is the reason it bodes well for equipment makers to do the pretesting and arranging. With this top notch release pack, the specialists and overclockers at GIGABYTE have officially done the arranging for you.

The i9-9900K CPUs that can hit 5.1 GHz over all centers have just been arranged so you prepare a 5.1GHz CPU that can hit those incredible speeds on all centers when matched with your new Z390 AORUS XTREME Waterforce motherboard. Rather than playing the silicon lottery and counts on karma to get the best i9-9900K of the bundle, avoid the lottery and money in on your rewards. Here’s a video on this procedure with one of our top overclockers:

While overclocking multi-center CPUs to 5.1 GHz on all centers is great, it additionally implies higher power utilization. The higher the power utilization, the more overabundance warmth will be created. This abundance warmth can harm your CPU just as other imperative segments on the board if the motherboard isn’t planned with warmth dissemination as a center resource.

A perfect cooling arrangement is totally important to shield these parts from the abundance heat. Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is structured with, as its name proposes, extraordinary cooling. The pre-fitted cooling monoblock gives fluid cooling inclusion to the most fundamental pieces of the motherboard, the power conveyance area, CPU, PCH, and even stretches out to the M.2 openings.

Warmth scattering for the VRM zone is enormously basic when utilizing top of the line CPUs with high power utilization and the cooling monoblock accomplishes all that anyone could need to keep that territory frigid cool so warm throttling doesn’t back off your i9-9900K’s exhibition.

Grant Winning Design

Beside giving superb cooling to the motherboard’s key territories, the pre-fitted monoblock and its acrylic packaging gives the board a ultra smooth and cutting edge look. Including the controllable RGB lighting that enlighten the coolant conduits and you can see it’s a board that would look extraordinary in numerous popular forms.

The snazzy plan grabbed the eye of the Red Dot assessment board of trustees and earned GIGABYTE its first Red Dot configuration grant. The lofty Red Dot configuration grants have been granted since 1993 and perceive brilliance in plan quality.

The Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE was granted a Red Dot configuration grant as of late and its ostentatious structure earned the endorsement of the absolute most eminent plan specialists on the planet. Configuration goes inseparably with usefulness. Fantastic plan goes far in offering the client included esteem.

So don’t delay to move up to the most recent Intel stage in case you’re searching for wonderful execution enhancements over past age innovation. You’re getting the marquee mix of the GIGABYTE leader motherboard and top of the line Intel CPU while winning the Silicon Lottery with pretested CPUs destined to be probably the quickest accessible available!

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