Avizo and Amira are two separate bundles that are utilized for comparable however unmistakable purposes.

Avizo is a business information perception and examination apparatus. That underpins 2D and 3D representations in zones. For example materials explore, tomography, non-dangerous testing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Amira then again, works in a similar area, however is a standout amongst the most well known bundles to manage therapeutic imaging information on the planet. It’s application likewise reach out to fields, for example, quantum material science and materials science.


The principle determinant of how much drive you’ll have to run both of these bundles is exceedingly subject to the size and multifaceted nature of your informational collection.

The product can be challenging for every one of the four principle PC segments: GPU, CPU, RAM and auxiliary stockpiling, for example, HDD or SSD.


Of these four segments, the GPU is by a wide margin the most critical. Because of the idea of the sorts of figuring the product plays out it’s in a perfect world suited to GPU parallel handling.

The two bundles will keep running on any GPU that underpins OpenGL 2.1 and up, yet the memory estimate is basic and may should be vast for expert remaining tasks at hand.

Fortunately the most recent age of purchaser cards, for example, the GTX 1080 and Titan X (Pascal) have fundamentally more VRAM than past ages. It’s currently very typical to have in excess of six gigabytes of VRAM and as much as twelve GB on purchaser cards. When we take a gander at expert GPUs, for example, the Quadro extend we see VRAM checks over 20GB, however except if you have an explicit motivation to trust your dataset will require this much it’s far-fetched you’ll require that measure of RAM.

Quadro cards give a superior affirmation of unwavering quality and driver similarity, yet at a much lower asking cost one can have a similar execution. In this way, except if unwavering quality is totally mission basic, we prescribe a top of the line purchaser card, for example, the GTX 1080 or the Titan X

For specific sorts of handling different GPUs can be utilized too, which may likewise bolster a choice to have, for instance, two Titan X cards rather than a solitary Quadro card.


These applications are genuine RAM pigs. Fortunately the designer has furnished us with a basic principle guideline. Complex informational indexes require RAM six to multiple times as vast. So on the off chance that you have a 4GB informational index 32GB of RAM would be a smart thought.


This is entirely clear. These are monstrous information streams and the quicker the drive diverting such data, the more outlandish you are to have a framework abating bottleneck. We prescribe a quick NVMe SSD to truly give alternate segments the space to extend their legs.


We likewise have extraordinary rules from the engineer on CPU prerequisites. The CPU-subordinate parts of the product is commonly really well multi-strung. Anyway returns lessen once you go past eight centers. Now clock recurrence and reserve have a greater impact. As it were having a double attachment framework with two fat Xeon quad centers or one eight center Xeon with bunches of store and as much recurrence as you can press out of it is ideal.

Computers Intel Based Workstations

Essentially AMIRA/AVIZO needs the quickest check speed in around 8 centers. To the extent a double CPU framework, the main prescribed CPU alternative is 2x Xeon E5 2643 v4 which can achieve a best speed of 3.7Ghz. Else, one of our overclocked machines pursued by X299 are the best alternatives.


  • Intel Core i7 (the faster the better)
  • Nvidia Quadro P2000 for display +
  • Nvidia GTX 1060 or better for GPU
  • At least 16GB Memory DDR4
  • 250GB+ SSD Primary Drive
  • 1TB Storage Hard Drive


  • Overclocked Intel Core i7
  • Nvidia Quadro P4000 for display +
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 or better for GPU
  • At least 16GB Memory DDR4
  • 250GB+ SSD Primary Drive
  • 1TB Storage Hard Drive


  • Two Intel Xeon SP (more cores is better)
  • Nvidia Quadro P5000 or better +
  • 2x Nvidia GTX 1070 or better for GPU
  • At least 16GB Memory DDR4 ECC Reg
  • 250GB+ SSD Primary Drive
  • 1TB Storage Hard Drive

Operating systems supported by AVIZO-AMIRA

Windows 10, 8.1,7

Linux x86 64 (64-bit). Supported 64-bit architecture is Intel64/AMD64 architecture. Supported Linux distribution is

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

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The principle determinant of how much drive you'll have to run both of these bundles is exceedingly subject to the size AVIZO AMIRA SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS
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