Autodesk Recap System Requirements

We spend so much time working on modeling and rendering images that mirror the real world, why not just go to reality directly? That’s the idea behind AutoDesk ReCap. ReCap is short for “Reality Capture” and this software is designed to take scanned information from the real world and turn it into highly-detailed. Specifically, it takes data from a laser scanner and lets you edit and clean it directly before exporting the data to something like Autodesk Revit for further rendering. Autodesk Recap system requirements

ReCap has been designed to let us handle laser point-cloud data that would usually be so large that only purpose-built machines can handle them. Still, this doesn’t mean you’ll be doing the work on a tablet or netbook.

Even with all the optimizations that Autodesk has made, you’ll still need a pretty decent computer to make it work well.

Autodesk Recap system requirements or Recommendations:

ReCap is not the most intense program a professional workstation can run and it you are planning to run any other Autodesk software on it, the chances are that it will run ReCap pretty well

A quad-core CPU is a working minimum and RAM should be at least 16GB, but more is preferable. Autodesk Recap system requirements

Since ReCap is likely to run in tandem with other CAD-type programs you’ll want a decent number of hardware threads. However, many CAD packages are not highly-threaded, so this needs to be balanced. Although a quad-core with eight threads is perfect for light to medium point cloud density, you’ll want a heftier machine for clouds that start edging over a gigabyte in size. Since core speed is important here, we want to have the fastest clock speed within 2-4 cores. Autodesk Recap system requirements

Workstations for Autodesk ReCap

At the entry-level out C161 workstation is perfect for light CAD-type loads. With a 4.0Ghz turbo frequency and a healthy balance of mid-range performance components, most users will never need more.

For anyone with a healthy budget and a no-compromise attitude, our Vulcan workstation is the ultimate CAD workstation that will take heavy loads from software like ReCap and still beg for more.

Operating systems supported by Autodesk ReCap

  • Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit (pro)
  • Windows 7 64-bit (Professional and Ultimate)

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