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$2000 Gaming PC Build Guide – RTX 2080 i7 9700K


yo what’s up guys. Here we back at it again with another PC build hope you guys are doing well. The budget we’re gonna be working with in this post is 2,000 bucks. I’m really excited for this build because this is the one of the best building on this blog that’s gonna be using an RTX card and we’re gonna be pairing it with the newly released i7 this is an 8 core i7 the 9700 K this is gonna be a full guide. Guys the post will be broken down into three parts so,

There we’re gonna jump right into the building process I’m gonna be going over each of the parts and how much they cost as we’re building it and then

Yeah guys we went with the RTX 2080 for this build and we’re gonna be pairing it with the newly released i7 the 9700 K now this is an eight-core processor Soren up from last gen’s i7 which was only a 6 core processor so,

We’re entering part number 1 of this post so first things first we’re gonna be sticking our CPU into our motherboard. The motherboard we chose to go with has a built in Wi-Fi this is an antenna and it’s rocking the Z 390 chipset.

It’s currently going for $239 and the i7 goes for $400 so install a CPU it’s pretty simple. Just lift this up and then just line up the golden arrow of the CPU with the air on the motherboard don’t force it down because that may bend the pins and we don’t want that.

That’s not good it just falls right into place and then just set it back now this thing pops off just get out the SATA cables to connect our drives to the motherboard.

The hard drive in the SSD and that’s all we’re gonna need no need to worry about the i/o shield because this motherboard already has it attached so we picked up a unique heatsink.

This one’s by Thermaltake it’s actually this heatsink back here this PC also has it so for step one we’re gonna get this plate and we’re just gonna stick it behind the motherboard so we’re gonna be sticking the G screws through the middle of this thing right here and just line it up with the four points alright so once we’ve stuck all of them through so now just get all four of the nuts and secure them onto the G screws make sure there’s rubber part faces down on the motherboard.

So, now we’re gonna be working with this thing right here go ahead and set it on top of the nuts this on my right hand side or they could be on this I just make sure these two are positioned here and we’re gonna be securing this with the F screws let’s go ahead and get rid of this wrap we don’t want that when we turn on the PC some right here too alright so now we’re gonna be securing the to the heatsink. We’re gonna be using the L screws so just place it behind like this then screw it all the way in.

So, our finished product here clip it in all right there so we’re gonna be attaching this now. The fan is gonna face this way so now we’re just gonna be sticking this thing we’re just gonna sit it in the middle and then it shouldn’t go anywhere if you wiggle it this heatsink comes with its own thermal paste I’m gonna be using Arctic silver 5 thermal paste we’re just gonna be putting a pea-sized amount in the center of the CPU okay and now

we’re finally ready to secure it into place but of course first remove this plastic so in order to secure this CPU heatsink you’re gonna need a screwdriver that’s longer than usual it has to be at least 150 millimeters like this one right here by Milwaukee because the screwdriver has to travel all the way down here and then tighten the screw my genius self attach this fan don’t attach this fan before you’re gonna screw it in.

So, now we can secure it into place do each one little by little because then the opposite side is gonna lift up too much this thing’s gonna need power it’s gonna hook up to where it’s labeled CPU fan which is this bottom one right here.

Alright guys so moving on to our RAM installation we went with 16 gigs two sticks of a gigabytes very popular Corsair Vengeance in the blue colorway is what we chose knots which should because some clean looking around okay so when installing around very easy installation only goes in one way go ahead and lift up this one and this one.

So I’m first gonna stick it into the back one a little bit and then line it up with the front one and push down to eclipse this thing should pop back up and then the same thing for the other one clip.

So, this case right here guys is by NZXT see the 500 an ATX case comes in several colors and it goes for 70 books go ahead and get this thing out first.

Thing we want to do is make sure all the points of them on the board these things right here line up with the motherboard standoffs inside of our case so our motherboard has nine points and in this case right here already has all the motherboard standoffs in the appropriate position all nine of three three three screws

we’re gonna be using her inside of here so I’m gonna be using the 632 screw flat then just go ahead and screw in all eight this one doesn’t need one so this is the gold rated at 650 watt the power supply from EVGA currently going for 70 this thing right this right here it’s gonna provide all the juice for your pc components.

So we’re gonna be using the CPU power cable so the VGA power cables to power our graphics card where we got some SATA power cables we’re gonna be using this to power our drives.

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$2000 Gaming PC Build Guide - RTX 2080 i7 9700K
$2000 Gaming PC Build guys we went with the RTX 2080 for this build and we're gonna be pairing it with the newly released i7 the 9700 K now this is an..
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