$2000 Gaming PC Build Guide – RTX 2080 i7 9700K


yo what’s up guys Joey here back at it again with another PC build hope you guys are doing well the budget we’re gonna be working with in this video is 2,000 bucks I’m really excited for this build because this is the first building
on the channel that’s gonna be using an RT X card and we’re gonna be pairing it with the newly released i7 this is an 8 core i7 the 9700 K this is gonna be a full guide guys the video will be broken down into three parts so the first part
is we’re gonna jump right into the building process I’m gonna be going over
each of the parts and how much they cost
as we’re building it and then second I’m gonna show you guys how to install
Windows 10 any necessary drivers you may
need and then last wouldn’t be playing games so yeah guys we went with the RT x
2080 for this build and we’re gonna be
pairing it with the newly released i7
the 9700 K now this is an eight-core
processor Soren up from last gens i7

which was only a 6 core processor so

we’re entering part number 1 of this

video so first things first we’re gonna

be sticking our CPU into our motherboard

the motherboard we chose to go with has

a built in Wi-Fi this is an antenna and

it’s rocking the Z 390 chipset it’s

currently going for $239 and the i7 goes

00:01:08,150 –> 00:01:10,460
for $400 so install a CPU it’s pretty

simple just lift this up and then just

line up the golden arrow of the CPU with

the air on the motherboard don’t force
it down because that may bend the pins and we don’t want that that’s not good
it just falls right into place and then just set it back now this thing pops off

just get out the SATA cables to connect
our drives to the motherboard the hard
drive in the SSD and that’s all we’re
gonna need no need to worry about the
i/o shield cuz this motherboard already
has it attached so we picked up a unique
heatsink this one’s by Thermaltake it’s
actually this heatsink back here this PC
also has it so for step one we’re gonna
get this plate and we’re just gonna
stick it behind the motherboard so we’re
gonna be sticking the G screws through
the middle of this thing right here and
just line it up with the four points
alright so once we’ve stuck all of them
through so now just get all four of the
e nuts and secure them onto the G screws
make sure there’s rubber part faces down
on the motherboard so now we’re gonna be working with this thing right here go
ahead and set it on top of the nuts the
a is on my right hand side or they could
be on this I just make sure these two
are positioned here and we’re gonna be
securing this with the F screws let’s go
ahead and get rid of this wrap we don’t
want that when we turn on the PC some
right here too
alright so now we’re gonna be securing
to the heatsink we’re gonna be using the
L screws so just place it behind like this then screw it all the way in so our
finished product here clip it in all
right there so we’re gonna be attaching
this now the fan is gonna face this way
so now we’re just gonna be sticking this
thing we’re just gonna sit it in the
middle and then it shouldn’t go anywhere
if you wiggle it this heatsink comes
with its own thermal paste I’m gonna be
using Arctic silver 5 thermal paste
we’re just gonna be putting a pea-sized
amount in the center of the CPU okay and
now we’re finally ready to secure it
into place but of course first remove
this plastic so in order to secure this CPU heatsink you’re gonna need a screwdriver that’s longer than usual it has to be at least 150 millimeters like

this one right here by Milwaukee because

the screwdriver has to travel all the

way down here and then tighten the screw my genius self attach this fan don’t attach this fan before you’re gonna screw it in so now we can secure it into place do each one little by little because then the opposite side is gonna lift up too much this thing’s gonna need power it’s gonna hook up to where it’s labeled CPU fan which is this bottom one right here
alright guys so moving on to our RAM

installation we went with 16 gigs two

sticks of a gigabytes very popular

Corsair Vengeance in the blue colorway

is what we chose knots which should

cause some clean looking around okay so

when installing around very easy

installation only goes in one way

go ahead and lift up this one and this

one so I’m first gonna stick it into the

back one a little bit and then line it

up with the front one and push down to
eclipse this thing should pop back up
and then the same thing for the other
one clip so this case right here guys is
by NZXT see th 500 an ATX case comes in
several colors and it goes for 70 books

go ahead and get this thing out first

thing we want to do is make sure all the

points of them on the board these things

right here line up with the motherboard

standoffs inside of our case so our

motherboard has nine points and in this

case right here already has all the

motherboard standoffs in the appropriate

position all nine of three three three

screws we’re gonna be using her inside

of here so I’m gonna be using the 632

screw flat then just go ahead and screw

in all eight this one doesn’t need one

so this is the gold rated at 650 watt

the power supply from EVGA
currently going for 70 this thing right

right here it’s gonna provide all the

juice for your pc components so we’re

gonna be using the CPU power cable so

the VGA power cables to power our

graphics card where we got some SATA

power cables we’re gonna be using this

to power our drives I’m gonna be hooking

up both for them to give me more

flexibility with cable management and

then this one right here hooks up to our

motherboard and those are all the cables

we need alright guys so to insert a

power supply make sure the fan is facing

down I’m gonna be using the 632 screws

to secure the power supply when building

a PC do not get intimidated by all the

cables there’s pretty much two sets of

cables all the cables from our power

supply which powered things and then we

have the case cables right here which

connect these ports to the motherboard

let’s go ahead and take care of these

little case cables first USB 3.0 cable

hooks up right here HD audio cable hooks

up right here and make sure the HD audio

text is up or else that thing won’t go

in and for those of you who have built

pcs in the past you know how convenient

this is for us look how easy this

installation is simply line it up and

connect you’re done alright so moving on

to this side of the motherboard so this

clip right here has to clip back here

these things are not attached so make

sure you attach them before installation

and plug it in moving on up here now

we’re gonna be powering our CPU how am I

gonna do this alright guys see that

right there I’m plugging in the CPU

power cable into that

so this cable also has to clip in and

the clip part is on top I need to remove

this fan for now oh oh I think I got it

I think I got it we think this is now

rears it’s my first time working with

this case but if you decide to go with

this case please please PLEASE plug in

the CPU power cable before you actually

insert the motherboard inside because

that was a pain to plug in so moving on

to our storage devices we went a 500

gigabyte SSD and a 2 terabyte hard drive

the story games from Seagate 60 bucks so

we’re gonna be removing this things by

just pulling them out so in order to get

these things are released you simply

just pull down and then they come right

off so we plug in the SATA data cable
and a SATA power cable from the power supply I’m using the M 3 5 flat screws
to secure the SSD oh it’s good now we
actually have to hook up the other two
ends of the SATA data cables to the
our hard drive is gonna go into our
drive cage so we’re gonna be plugging in
the same cables we did to our SSD so

data and power that’s how you connect

the drives to the motherboard so now we

just got a power both of our fans with

the two fan cables which you’re gonna

hook up both of them could just plug in

right here so now we’re gonna be moving

on to stuff that’s optional

I bought radiator fans guys that means

these will not attach right here okay no

fans for the front of our case sigh I’m

just gonna be sticking our RGB LED strip

up here so now I’m gonna plug in the

arrow to the far left side of these four

pins so yeah that’s how you would plug

in any RGB LED device to the motherboard

okay guys this is a pretty cool new box

we got going here my EVGA I like the

packaging I like the presentation EVGA

$790 let’s slice this guy open slice and

dice to all TX 20 oh my god so this
card’s rockin three display ports one

HDMI port and one type-c port it has a
nice little back plate and the front
lights up and it’s ready to go in so

before we enter our graphics card we
have to remove two expansion brackets
we’re gonna be removing the second one
in the third one one and two okay guys

just line it up with the top PCI port so

I got it to line up now just push it in

and it’s in I love him

alright guys now to power our GP we’re

gonna be using our VGA cable so first

we’re gonna be plugging in the eight pin

making sure these are attached and that

eclipses in just like that and for this

one we’re only going to be using six

pins so this thing is just gonna be hanging out and done our gp’s powered

now I’m just gonna be throwing some

Funko pops in there these guys are gonna

go inside Joker may not fit alright this

guy will go right there

and Batgirl like I’m gonna put her on

top of the GPU all right let’s see if

Joker fits in there what’s got the trio

going here very nice that’s dope if only

there was a Batman movie that was coming
to theaters soon but there is a joker
movie on the horizon very excited for
that that’s gonna be dope you can catch me at the midnight premiere of that
movie that’s pretty cool guys I really
like how it came out what do you guys
think so all the parts use in this build
will be linked in the video’s

description if you guys also want to use

Funko pops in your build all

link down below the double-sided tape

that I use pretty much I put it on the

bottom of their feet and then they don’t

go anywhere they stay it’s really strong

tape okay here we go guys

don’t blow up what’s yeah these lights I

got in the background I’m not doing this

PC justice let me turn off the rest of

the lights all right that one’s off this

one’s off yeah guys I’m really pleased

with the way this PC came out so large

appeal LED strip right now is doing its

own thing what we’re gonna do is we’re

gonna install a lighting program which

then allows you to change all the colors

and change the speed of the lights too

or it could just be static which is just

one light showing anyways guys we’re

moving on to part two now which is the

installation of Windows and all

necessary drivers you may need this is a
USB flash drive it already has a
bootable ISO of Windows 10 I’ve made a
video on how to create one of these
links in the description or you can just

buy one we’re just going to connect the
flash drive to the PC and then turn it
on so since both of the drives on our PC

are empty it’s gonna boot directly to
the installation so who you are pick
your language and it’s just a matter of
clicking that’s very simple so if you
had a product key this is you or insert
it I do not have a product key so I’m

just gonna click I don’t have a product

key that means we’re not gonna have a

00:09:59,400 –> 00:10:00,960
watermark on the bottom right-hand side

of Windows if you want that to go away
and it annoys you then you just insert a

product key and I’ll go away I’m gonna

be installing Windows 10 Pro we’re gonna

want to do a custom install so then we

could select the drive we want windows

tend to be installed on – I’m gonna be
selecting our SSD next now we just wait
for our files to copy over alright it’s

done it’s gonna restart now so we

arrived here which means all the files
are not copied on to our SSD now this isa matter of just clicking next it’s like
when you Burley buy a new laptop at Best

Buy this is the same set of process

you’ll be greeted with so we arrived at

our desktop guys now this motherboard

does have built-in Wi-Fi I went ahead

and already hooked up the antenna to the

motherboard but it’s not working we

first need to install a driver but this

is the USB Wi-Fi adapter that I use for

every single build it’s pretty much plug

and play so I’m gonna go ahead and plug

it in as you can see down here we can
now connect to a Wi-Fi network so I went

ahead and connected to my home Wi-Fi and
now we need a download drivers so first

we’re gonna be downloading the

motherboard drivers so we’re here on the

motherboards website select Windows 10

64 bit and the ones I’m gonna be

downloading are the Audio Driver

I’m gonna be saving it as so I could

just have it on my desk offers

convenience I’m gonna be downloading the

land driver this is if you’re going to

be using a wired Ethernet connection to

connect to the internet instead of Wi-Fi

under utilities I’m gonna look for the

program that lets me control the RGB LED

strip which is this one a Seuss aura

download and right here under wireless

we have our Wi-Fi driver what we needed

download and as I was scrolling down I

don’t even know this motherboard how to

bluetooth but it does so that’s cool I’m

gonna download that driver as well okay

so those are all the drivers I’m gonna

be downloading there’s of course more

you can pick and choose whichever ones

you want but I’m good for now so once

you’ve finished downloading all the

drivers you’re gonna want to install

we’re gonna have to unzip them by

right-clicking them and then clicking
extract all so right now it’s already

created a new folder this is the unex

tractor one so our Wi-Fi driver is now

unzipped and once it’s done it

automatically opens a new folder so this

is the folder that’s open yup same thing

once we do that we want to just click

the setup process and then it’s just a

matter of clicking next you’re gonna

want to do that for all your drivers all

right it’s that success so we’re gonna

click finish

exit this out and let’s test it just

connect with that and it’s now working

so now we could actually use our

built-in Wi-Fi now we’re gonna be

installing our graphics card drivers and

for that we’re gonna need a GeForce

experience program download now I’m

gonna save it to our desktop so right

here’s the installation we just

downloaded for our graphics card right

here all the drivers that have been

unzipped and I already installed them I

just want to tell you something else

about them some of them may be tricky I

don’t want them to confuse you guys for
example we’re just gonna click Bluetooth
right and you’re gonna click a su setup
all that’s gonna do is that and there
it’s done I just wanted to show you guys
that real quick in case something you
guys thought oh it probably crashed let
me re click it no it just comes up and
then disappears there it’s installed I know it’s weird
now before I install a graphics card
drivers I’m gonna restart the PC after
installing all those drivers so after
the restart we’re now going to be
installing the GeForce experience a
green install so as soon as you open up
the program and sign in it automatically
starts downloading the drivers and then
you just install them and it’s gonna
take care of everything for us and our
graphics card drivers are now installed
we don’t need this anymore I’m just
gonna close it out so now if we go over
to our folder and we go to this PC will
see that our PC only reads one drive not
our hard drive in order to configure our
hard drive we’re gonna search up hard
disk and I spelled it wrong this right
here creating format it automatically
brings up our hard drive and what I’m gonna be selecting GPT okay alright so
now we just right-click this empty space
and put a new simple volume we need to
give the drive a drive letter next I’m
gonna select G since I’m using this
drive for games next I’m gonna title it
two terabyte HDD next finish and done
our PC now reads our hard drive so now
when we go back to this PC our hard
drive is actually showing up so now for
the installation and games I’m gonna be
downloading and installing steam I just
like saving all the installations to my
desktop you can just click run though so
steams installing and that was quick
it’s done so when installing a game on
Steam or any other platform you want to
make sure you navigate to the hard drive
so right now wants to install it onto
our SSD so navigate to the G Drive where
I can create a new folder to stay
organized steam library that’s cool ok
and then select it and next I agree and
now we’re installing the game onto our
hard drive so once you’re done
downloading all your games you then
restart your PC one last time and you’re
finally ready to start playing but first
I’m gonna be showing you guys how to
make sure your RAM is running at its rated speed remember our ram is rated at
3000 megahertz right now it’s currently
not running at that you definitely want to get your money’s worth so I’m gonna
be showing you guys how to boot up
through the BIOS and change that so our
PC just restarted just keep clicking delete on your keyboard alright we booted up to our BIOS all we’re gonna be
doing is going right here ai Tweaker and
then where it says auto we’re gonna
change that to XMP 1 we’re gonna be
clicking yes it’s not gonna mess with
our CPU settings ok automatically change it to 3000 megahertz now when we go over
here to exit we’re gonna click Save
Changes in reset it’s going to tell us
the changes we made so changed it from
auto to 3000 megahertz and we’re just
gonna click OK and the system
boot up and we’re done all right guys
we’re playing Rainbow six siege now
graphics settings preset is on ultra our
displays that 1440p very gonna wish me
luck this time quasi loading
I don’t funny army boys no one you know
off lately
are they come on show yourself wanna get

all these points just 100 yes

headshot that was a headshot

careers Ellie let’s just jump in there

no no help you guys

all that was so close

alright you guys just play the tactical

way someone on top yes there is so

what’s up guys there’s someone on top of

us so let’s just rush the last guy was

right oh oh no one’s in here we’re good yay job guys I’m sorry Lord all right guys so we’re playing pub G now this is the new map that just came out my first time playing on this map so we’re playing the game on the high settings
preset no no that was close that was close oh he’s dead yeah so starting it off with black ops 4 guys these are the settings we’re going to be
playing the game on pretty high settings all games will be tested out a 1440p resolution as you can see up here Oh Oh with the dog guys were playing over watts on the ultra settings graphics preset all right I’m gonna take it I’m gonna take you guys all Mike who’s gonna go put you on you little we’re putting in over 200 FPS at 1440p resolution I would say that’s pretty good okay I got one oh how the person still

alive so that wraps up our game play testing guys thanks for watching this

video I really appreciate it many more r-tx builds coming up if you want to be notified when they come out turn on bow

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